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Cate Ruskin

My art is not a literal translation.  It is a synthesis of visual impressions with emotional responses.  As I stroll through Discovery Park or Moonstone Beach, I not only observe with all of my senses, but also pay attention to how I feel:  joy, peace, curiosity, awe.  I sketch and take photographs, which serve as a basis for original graphic designs. 

First song I can remember hearing on the radio:  "DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET" by The beatles

favorite music video:  "sweet dreams are made of this" by eurythmics (love the cow in the pasture)

FAVORITE MUSICAL:  "Wicked" music & lyrics by Stephen schwartz, book by winnie holzman

FAVORITE QUOTE:  "whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing.  making your unknown known is the important thing."  -- Georgia O'Keefe

favorite season;  spring

favorite artist:  georgia o'keefe

personal motto:  Find joy, make beauty, have fun!

Cate Ruskin Design Logo Final Final_1100
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